About us

The first Andrea Marazzini jewels collection was born in 1992 when Andrea attracted by sculpture and influenced by the artistic world of Italian creativity decided to create a jewel collection entirely handmade.
Each creation is spontaneously created directly through the of use of raw materials, natural stone and Swarovski crystals that inspire the unique and extraordinary design of these jewels. The entire collection is conceived and realized by Andrea Marazzini in his atelier in Parabiago, Milano, with an exclusive style known in Italy and abroad.

Proportion, harmony, linearity and simplicity lie at the base of these unique and precious jewels. The elements are linked together without apparent clear intention, and metal contains the precious light of Swarovski crystals.
Each jewel is elegant, feminine and unique as unique is the woman who wear it. Andrea Marazzini collection hide a new concept of luxury that becomes accessible through a jewel that has inside the passion of handcraft Italian creativity.